Man Evolve Group

Man Evolve Groups are where men meet in fellowship to support and empower one another toward their next step in their evolution as men in the world. The meetings follow a series of structured communication systems that allow each man to come into contact and act from their own personal truth. We … MORE


Sexy Spirits

Founded in 1999 in New York City by Richard Anton Diaz, Sexy Spirits began as a central hub for a diverse community of educators and practitioners to both teach and share their knowledge in the areas of love, sex, and relationship. Today Sexy Spirits offers classes each evening Monday through … MORE


Mastering Sexual Energy

Master Sexual Energy is the training and practice of safely accessing,  reorganizing,  and transforming, the enormous power of our sexual energy to create better physical health, a greater sense of vitality and zest for life, and a refinement of our the sexual impulse into a steady state of … MORE


Tantra Tango

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned dancer, come learn the intimate and sensual aspects, as well as the style and techniques of one of the most popular dances of our time, the Argentine Tango. Both former world champion dancer and founder of Sexy Spirits, Richard Anton Diaz, with Mariana Fresno, … MORE


Prosperity Partners Group

Prosperity is the state of happiness, health, and personal development, that allows us to each flourish, thrive, and contribute to others. Prosperity Partner's Group (PPC) are a group of entrepreneurial men and women working together with a common vision and powerful ecosystem to leverage … MORE


Orgasmic Providers

Imagine arriving on a Do-date with your partner who has been trained to be a master of sensual touch. From the very first touch of your Provider you feel a surrendering of your body with all thoughts evaporating into an immersion of sensations that are gentle and calming but at the same time alive … MORE