Dear Mastering Sexual Energy Students & Friends,

Sexy Spirits, created in 1999, has always been and will continue to be for me a personal path of passion, self-growth, and spiritual evolution. I have truly enjoyed both my teaching and learning from all who have past through my doors. This New Year coming will be a monumental one as I plan to focus all my attention on establishing Sexy Spirits ONLINE so that it will be now accessible to communities beyond New York City borders as well as available to those practitioners desiring a more in-home experience of the materials. Additionally, I will by expanding my China business, rooted in the wisdom of the 5 Element System, and providing me with a vehicle to bring greater health and prosperity, to anyone committed to this path for 2014.

As a result of these new developments, I have decided to postpone the Men’s Mastering Sexual Energy classes for January and until further notice. Layla Martin will continue the women’s classes at a new location and I have enclosed her announcement below.

To those of you who have a paid credit for classes from 2013, you will be either issued a
refund for unused classes, or have those credits applied towards future Sexy Spirits events,
or toward Layla’s classes if you are among the women students. Please let me know who you are so that I can match them with our records and facilitate your

Thank you all for being part of our Sexy Spirit’s community and we wish you all the most
prosperous and fulfilling year to come.

Richard Anton Diaz

Layla’s Announcement-
We have a new home for our Monday class, it’s an elegant dance and spiritual space called Studio Anya – 49 w 24th st (24th and 6th ave) – 8th floor. I’m super excited about the space because it is artistic and beautiful and it will allow us the time to delve even deeper with each other and the practices.
We’ll be meeting from 7 – 9 pm and the price per class will be the same.
There will be tea and celebration! If you purchased a class card then you will be able to apply the classes easily.
 We’re going to continue our focus on bringing the greatest health to our bodies and brilliance as women to our lives.
 Also building vital life force energy, channeling that energy and purification for the New Year.
If you have any questions, I’m here for you.
Layla Martin
email: theartofecstasy@gmail.com