Mastering Sexual Energy Practice

Monday, April 24, 2017, 7pm -8:15pm


Mastering sexual energy (MSE) was regarded in Taoist traditions in ancient China as  fundamental to longevity with high quality heath, mental and emotional intelligence, and spiritual development and enlightenment. The MSE will take you step by step in learning and eventually mastering these skills into a life long practice.

Learn practices that help to restore and recondition your sexual energy

You will learn step-by-step strategies and techniques to:
– Increase arousal and orgasm response.
– Not lose energy or desire after Orgasm.
– Prevent loss of energy from menstruation
– Prevent premature ejaculation.
– Integrate emotional and sexual energy
– Increase Sexual Energy and Vitality.
– Become a sexual attraction to others.
– Increase hormonal production naturally.
– Develop greater Charisma
– Enjoy fulfilling Relationships.

taught by certified certified Taoist Teacher, Richard Anton Diaz
Anton brings his 20 years of study and training in Sexual Energy Cultivation. He is the founder of Sexy Spirits in New York City, certified Taoist teacher and educator of Tantra, creator of the Orgasmic Providers training.

301 West 55th Street, Buzzer 4
New York, NY 10019

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