Do You Effectively Use Your Sexual Energy?

Beyond creating pleasure in sex, sex energy is a creative force that inspires creativity, attraction, and power in your life.

My friend Ruwan decided to tackle this subject after reading Think and Grow Rich, a book that influenced many pieces of success literature including The Secret and “The Law of Attraction” movement..

In that book, there’s a chapter called “The Mysteries of Sex Transmutation” which essentially says that sexual energy can be repurposed to create one’s life. In my experience, sexual energy has helped me get in touch with my intution so now I just do the exact right thing and the exact right time.  Let me tell you life has become a lot more fun!

Ruwan spent some time compiling a faculty of experts to understand how to transmute sexual energy, and he and some faculty members are going to share some of these concepts next week in a free online training: The Mysteries of Sex Transmutation Revealed

In the webinar they will share:

  • How to grow sexual energy to increase your magnetism and vibration

  • How to convert overwhelm and self-sabotage into a powerful creative force

  • How to energetically penetrate others for powerful connections

The live training starts in March  and best of all, for you, it’s free! All you need to do, to join us, is to sign up here.

Actually there are going to be a few events exploring sexual energy this week, but you definitely want to catch this one.

Later in the week, I’m also going to be co-leading an event where we’re going to build off of the concepts on Tuesday. Once you sign up for Tuesday’s webinar, you’ll get the details on my event the next day.

 See you there! 

Richard Anton Diaz

P.S. This is going to be a huge event and we will run out of seats so make sure you save yours right now by clicking here!